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Store - International ordering
International orders and questions can be placed orders@taktykaistrategia.pl or wzalewski@o2.pl.

We provide any information on prices and availability within 3 business days. Our games include English rules at no additional charge. Any payment can be made with credit card through PayPal system.

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About the magazine
TAKTYKA I STRATEGIA is a magazine popularizing a military history of the world and describing it trough the games. We have developed a big number of games starting from medieval times up to the Second World War.
To improve the knowledge about the real conflicts on tactics, operational and strategic levels we offer the option of studying the maps and choosing several scenarios. By playing the games one can learn practice different possibilities of fighting the battle or campaign.
It is a constant practice of the Polish historical magazines (TAKTYKA I STRATEGIA, DRAGON, DRAGON-HOBBY and again TAKTYKA I STRATEGIA) to add maps and sets of tokens being supplementary to the games. Some of them are integral part of the games, for example Quatre Bras - Waterloo 1815, Fale Dunaju - Budapest 1945. In the magazine we also publish independent games which are enlargements to the whole campaigns, for example Normandy 1944 - Battles of Second World War 1943-45 (B35N system).
One of our purposes is to offer the gamers possibilities of playing together. We know that sometime it is hard to find a friendly spirit in the crowd. On our website we are presenting the addresses of the gamers, both individual and whole groups, hoping it will help in developing our community (Guardia). The main convent - ARMAGEDON take place on April. It consists of the tournament and global matches which unite gamers into teams. The strongest groups are from Bydgoszcz, Piotrkow Trybunalski, Katowice and Warsaw. We can however observe with a great pleasure that representatives form the whole Poland participate in our convent.